Japan Beautiful Photos – Hakodate, Hokkaido (北海道函館)



Hi, this is Kentaro.

Spring is just around the corner. I will show you some of the photos I took in Hakodate in Hokkaido last spring. Please enjoy.





Goryo-kaku is the most famous sight seeing place in Hakodate. Dosanko (people who was born in Hokkaido) may have had been to Hakodate in their school trip.

I went to Hakodate after the season of cherry blossoms, but other flowers are excellent in the area. The best season for cherry blossoms in Hokkaido is a little later than Tokyo and is in early May.

函館の草木(Trees and flowers in Hakodate)



When traveling in Hakodate, the best way is to travel by electric-powered rental bicycle. There are a lot of hill in the town and some roads are too narrow to travel by car, so bicycle is the best way.

Hakodate has a lot of parks with great view and lots of trees and flowers. Enjoy comfortable breeze.

函館の名物(Foods in Hakodate)


オススメのお店はは『うに ムラカミ』です。

うに むらかみ 函館本店 (函館/魚介料理・海鮮料理)
★★★☆☆3.70 ■函館で新鮮なうに と活海鮮 。季節ごとの北海道野菜へのこだわりをもつお店 ■予算(夜):¥4,000~¥4,999


あじさい 本店 (五稜郭公園前/ラーメン)
★★★☆☆3.58 ■五稜郭公園のすぐそばにある、老舗の塩ラーメンが食べられる創業80年以上の人気店 ■予算(夜):~¥999


Hakodate has fish market and tons of fresh fishes are unloaded everyday. All the best fishes, you should try Uni. A little bit expensive, but you will surely enjoy the amount and the freshness than having it in Tokyo. Uni is a must try when visiting Hakodate. My favorite restaurant is “Uni Murakami” as per the link above.

Besides fish, I recommend having a ramen in Hakodate. Go to “Ajisai” for the best ramen in the town.


夜景(a million dollar view from Hakodate-mountain)





Night view from Hakodate mountain is regarded as one of the best of its kind in Japan.

The view of whole city from Hakodate-san is just great and worth visiting. You can go to the top of the mountain by taxi and it only takes 30 minutes to the top.





There are a famous hot spring place called Yunokawa-Onsen, but I do recommend the hotel “La Vista Hakodate” although it is a little bit away from the center of the Yunokawa-Onsen.

You can enjoy beautiful salmon roe and the hotel was awarded as the best breakfast serving restaurant a few years ago.

楽天トラベル: ラビスタ函館ベイ 宿泊予約
ラビスタ函館ベイ、☆楽天限定プランも多数ご用意!!更にラ・クーポンも使ってお得感倍増☆、JR函館駅より徒歩15分 函館空港よりタクシーで約20分、駐車場:有り 500円(税込み/泊) 171台 先着順となります。満車時は近隣の駐車場へご案内しております。